As the Moon’s shadow crosses into Idaho over the Snake River, the eclipse will traverse over mountainous terrain. The Weiser, Idaho area will be a desirable place to view the eclipse because of good weather prospects (see eclipsophile.com). The low population density should keep the roads reasonably clear and there are many scenic vantage points near Weiser..
The far western portion of the state inside the path of total solar eclipse has very good prospects for clear skies plus a decent road network to relocate if it comes to dodging clouds.
Highway 95 between Weiser and the Mann Creek Reservoir offers both good odds for clear skies and long durations, between 2 minutes and 5 seconds at Weiser and 2 minutes and 10 seconds near the reservoir.

The primary purpose of the website is to assist community organizations and visitors to the greater Weiser, Idaho area in planning for this event. If you plan to visit Weiser for the Great American Eclipse, we ask that you fill out the survey below to assist our community with it’s planning efforts.